Twin Peaks Virtual Backgrounds

For all those Movie fans and those that loved the TV Series “Twin Peaks”, here you have a cool selection of virtual backgrounds if you want to make your video calls a bit more strange. These are cool backgrounds to have on Halloween too!

And remember the Owls are not what they seem. 🙂

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3 tips for best Virtual Call results:

Tip #1

Leave the “Mirror my video” option checked. Words in your background will look backwards to you but will appear normally to the other meeting participants.

Tip #2

For a better result, have a solid color in your background – or even better yet, a green screen – so that your virtual background shows up in a clear and sharp way.

Tip #3

Finally: Plan ahead and don’t wear clothing the same color as your virtual background. Colors will merge and no one wants to see you as a floating head!

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