Virtual Backgrounds for diferent Seasons

Why not change your background to the different seasons and festivities of the year? Here you’ll find Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick’s, New year, St Valentine’s day… One Background for every season.

Autumn Backgrounds for zoom, skype, Meet, or Teams

Winter Backgrounds

Halloween Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom

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3 tips for best Virtual Call results:

Tip #1

Leave the “Mirror my video” option checked. Words in your background will look backwards to you but will appear normally to the other meeting participants.

Tip #2

For a better result, have a solid color in your background – or even better yet, a green screen – so that your virtual background shows up in a clear and sharp way.

Tip #3

Finally: Plan ahead and don’t wear clothing the same color as your virtual background. Colors will merge and no one wants to see you as a floating head!

Funny Backgrounds for Zoom, Teams & Webex

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